Devotion to Prayer

The early church was a church absolutely devoted to prayer. That is evident in the example we have of their early gatherings (Acts 2:42-f) and the way in which they persevered thru the trials of living in the 1st century Rome and survived even in the face of persecution. Of course, they had learned this from Jesus himself. This month we are going to pursue a greater devotion to prayer. We challenge each group to make your meetings more than fellowship and more than Bible discussion (as important as these are) but to also devote large amounts of attention on going to God in prayer. We hope these discussion guides will help…

Discussion Guides:

April 21

April 14

Children’s Activities:

April 14 Children’s Bible Lesson

April 21 Children’s Bible Lesson

April 28 Children’s Bible Lesson



Devotion to Scripture

Churches of Christ used to be known as a “people of the Book” and a “Back to the Bible” movement.  Does that mean, though, that we are “devoted to Scripture” in the same way the early church was? (Acts 2:42)  Join us this month as we explore what it looks like to be devoted to Scripture as we follow Jesus.

Children’s Activities:

March 10 Children’s Bible Lesson

March 17 Children’s Bible Lessons

March 24 Children’s Bible Lesson

March 31 Children’s Bible Lessons

Service Group Discussion Guides:

March 10

March 17

March 24

A Church Growing for Him… in 2019

Church, our shepherds have set before us a goal to “Grow for Him” as a congregation in 2019.  Never wanting to rest on our laurels or simply glory in our past we are seeking ways to grow in the following areas throughout the year:

  • Spiritually… in our relationship with God thru Jesus Christ
  • Relationally… in our relationships with one another as brothers & sisters in Christ
  • Physically… in number as our congregation reaches new people and others are brought to Christ and into our church family
  • Outwardly… as we make a greater impact on our community for Christ

I hope you will join us on this journey!  And come back often to this blog as it will be updated weekly to reflect each week’s theme and small group discussion guide.