2019 Schedule

Spirit-Filled Worship  (Feb)
The power of the Holy Spirit is felt in worship where members are edified, educated and enabled to experience God thru heart-felt praise to God.

Devotion to Scripture  (March)
Every member is committed to growing in God’s Word daily and growing as a disciple of Jesus.

Devotion to Prayer  (April)
Members must be absolutely committed to prayer as a means not only to strengthen their own relationship with God, but also for the provision, protection & guidance over the church, its leadership, its members and its ministries.

Strong Spiritual Leadership  (May)
The church is shepherded by leaders who empower & equip others for ministry thru word & example.

Gift-oriented Ministry  (June)
Every member is utilizing his/her God-given gifts, talents & abilities in ministries which serve others.

Harmonious Fellowship  (July)
Members encourage one another and build one another up as we share life together thru the relationships we share in Jesus.

A Bold Faith  (August)
An unwavering trust in God which is unafraid to step out in bold ways to make a bold impact for Him.

Missional Evangelism  (Sept)
Every member is active in sharing his/her faith and contributing to the church’s mission of making disciples of Jesus.

Prayerful Stewardship  (October)
Members prayerfully & wisely use of their resources to the glory of God by meeting one another’s needs as well as blessing the community at large.