November- Life Together

This month we are focusing on theme “Sharing Life Together” taken from Bonhoeffer’s book, Life Together, and the Psalm 133:1.

Translated ‘fellowship’ and sometimes ‘community’, the Greek word koinonia is found throughout the NT and emphasizes how, as Christians, we are bound together in relationship, not by blood-kin, but by the blood of Jesus. As a church, we are endeavoring to live this out in our own congregation.

Service Group Guides:

Nov 10

October- Prayerful Stewardship

Aside from our salvation in Christ, perhaps the greatest gift God has given mankind has been the responsibility to steward and take care of His Creation.  When God created the world and everything in it He placed it in the care and protection of mankind to “work it and take care of it.”  That presents each of us with a profound responsibility, not only to the material possessions which come into our care, but also the Creation itself!

This month we want to explore this tremendous responsibility and discuss in our groups what this looks like for each of us.  How would God have us use what He has blessed us with for His glory and to further His Kingdom?

Children’s Worksheets:

October 13 Children’s Bible Lesson

October 20 Children’s Bible Lesson

October 27 Children’s Bible Lesson

Group Discussion Guides:

Oct 13

Oct 20

Oct 27

September- Missional Evangelism

A definition of Missional Evangelism might be: The way of life that intentionally seeks opportunities to share the love of God & the gospel of Christ wherever one goes… whenever one has opportunity… and with whomever the Lord puts in our path.

This month we are talking about how our congregation can live life in such a way that we are always on the lookout for opportunities to share the love of God with those around us… at home, in our community and around the world.

Children’s Activities:

September 8 Children’s Bible Lesson

September 15 Children’s Bible Lesson

September 22 Children’s Bible Lesson

September 29 Children’s Bible Lesson

Group Discussion Guides:

Sept 8

Sept 15

Sept 22

August: BOLD Faith

Join us this month as we look at the incredibly BOLD faith of the apostles and the early church! It is incredible to think that in the face of persecution, prison time AND even death… these bold men and women continued to preach and teach about Jesus as the Messiah.  When questioned by the authorities, they even said, “They couldn’t help speaking about Him!”  What faith in the face of challenges.

I doubt many of us face anything near the challenges early believers did, yet we are often so timid and afraid in the sharing of our faith.  Let us draw courage from these great examples this month and talk about ways we can embody the bold faith of discipleship right here right now.

Children’s Activities: to be posted

August 11 Children’s Bible Lesson

August 18 Children’s Bible Lesson

August 25 Children’s Bible Lesson

Discussion guides:

Aug 11

Aug 18

Aug 25

Harmonious Fellowship

One of the keys to being a healthy church is experiencing a high degree of harmonious fellowship. This highlights the importance, not only of the worship we participate in together as a church, but the relationships we have with one another within the church. As we explore this fellowship (Grk. Koinonia) we begin by looking at the nature of God Himself and the doctrine of the Trinity- the understanding of God as “three in one” and its implications for the church today!

***This month we did not have the opportunity to preface our Service Group Time with teaching from the pulpit, so group Leaders are encouraged to also read the Leaders’ Guide before your first meeting.

Service group guides:

July 14 Leaders Guide

July 14

July 21

July 28


Children’s Activity Sheets:

July 14 Children’s Bible Lesson

July 21 Children’s Bible Lesson

July 28 Children’s Bible Lesson


Gift-Oriented Ministry

We know that all good things comes from above, from our Heavenly Father and some of the greatest things He gives… are the gifts from His Spirit which enable us to serve Him and to further His Kingdom. One can sing like an angel. Another can read and understand like its nobody’s business! All are different and yet we are all ONE in Christ. The beautiful thing about His church is that God calls people from all walks of life with different gifts, talents and abilities and tells us to work together to be His body… His hands & feet in a lost and hurting world.

This month we want to explore how God has gifted each of us uniquely and ask ourselves, “Are we putting God’s most gracious gifts to use for Him in our lives?”  Are you?

Group Discussion Guides:

June 9 (2)
June 16
June 23  Gifts Assessment – this week, instead of providing a discussion guide, we are providing a “Gifts Assessment” and we encourage members of your group to take time to complete the inventory for themselves and then talk thru it with the group.  Identify & discuss each one’s top three ‘gifts’ as described by the guide AND how they can be put to use for the Kingdom and at Washington Street.

Children’s Activity Sheets:

June 9 Children’s Bible Lesson
June 16 Children’s Bible Lesson
June 23 Children’s Bible Lesson


Spiritual Leadership

Beginning Sunday, May 5, we will spend the month of May discussing the importance of good, strong Spiritual Leadership in the church… and the role spiritual leaders play in mobilizing the people of God to be the people God wants us to be.

Small Group Discussions:

May 12- (will be Senior Night & we are meeting at the building at 6pm)
May 19
May 26

Children’s Activity Sheets:

May 12 Children’s Bible Lesson

May 19 Children’s Bible Lesson

May 26 Children’s Bible Lesson