The Joy of a Good Gift

This week we will be discussing the greatest gifts we have ever been given. We want to share the joy of our greatest treasures and the life they produce. We want to talk about Jesus being the greatest gift of all and the life-giving joy it helps us give.

Family Table Talk Guide #3


Embracing Joy in the Midst of Sorrow

The theme for the month of March was chosen several months ago to be the “family value” & “fruit of the Spirit” of JOY.  We have been looking forward to exploring this topic and at how we as disciples can possess joy in our lives, the “joy of the Lord.”  Little did we know that we would be discussing joy in the midst of losing our dear Ms. Peggy Mitchell, longtime member and church secretary of over 37 years.  She has been a friend and great source of joy to so many through the years.  No matter who you are, the one thing guaranteed in life is that we will face trouble and sorrow at some point.  Perhaps you, or another close family, are going through a difficult time right now?

So this week let us explore what the Scriptures say about choosing joy in the midst of great sorrow.  Our “Family Table Talk” guide is posted below along with several children’s activities sheets that will help us explore this Christian virtue together as families.

Join us Sunday evening, March 11, in the Fellowship Hall as we choose joy for our families and for this church family, even in the midst of difficult moments and personal sorrow.

Table Talk Guide:  Family Table Talk Guide #2- JOY

Children’s Activities:
March-The lost Coin Luke 15 8-10
March-Vine and the branches
March- Crucifixion of Jesus